Monday, 4 February 2013

General chit-chat

Hello again...  Now I know I made an attempt at the beginning of the year to try and blog daily, and to be creative/constructive at least once a day.  This may not have happened as frequently as I had hoped, but I am still here  :)
For the past couple of weeks I have been playing computer games as I do enjoy them, Sims 2 & World Of Warcraft to be precise.  I love playing these as it gives my mind a break from thinking too much, always an added bonus.
But then last Thursday after much deliberation I thought I'd stop smoking.  Not an easy task.  I bought a disposable 'cigerette' as I feel that for me if I intend to stop then I shouldn't buy something that can be recharged, kind of defeats the object if it can alays be used.  I had run out of 'proper' cigerettes on Thursday evening, wanted to start a fresh day without 'proper' cigerettes, so Friday seemed the perfect opportunity to give this stopping thing a whirl.  Well, what can I say...  Have cleaned the house from top to bottom, if it can fit into a washing machine it has been washed, if it can't it has been febreezed, hooverable items have been hoovered.  I have mended a broken pair of shoes, sorted the understairs cupboard, put things into the garage & got my bike back out.  It is now 9.44pm on Monday & as yet I haven't even used the 'disposable' cigerette, & hope that I will get to bed without doing so.  But it is not easy, not at all!  I'm just stubborn, & if somethings going to happen, & I am ready for it to happen, then it has to happen right now, otherwise I get very restless & agitated untill it is done.  Not an east trait to live with sometimes  :)
Not sure what the next week or so will bring, but I can hear my garden screraming at be to be sorted...