Monday, 4 February 2013

General chit-chat

Hello again...  Now I know I made an attempt at the beginning of the year to try and blog daily, and to be creative/constructive at least once a day.  This may not have happened as frequently as I had hoped, but I am still here  :)
For the past couple of weeks I have been playing computer games as I do enjoy them, Sims 2 & World Of Warcraft to be precise.  I love playing these as it gives my mind a break from thinking too much, always an added bonus.
But then last Thursday after much deliberation I thought I'd stop smoking.  Not an easy task.  I bought a disposable 'cigerette' as I feel that for me if I intend to stop then I shouldn't buy something that can be recharged, kind of defeats the object if it can alays be used.  I had run out of 'proper' cigerettes on Thursday evening, wanted to start a fresh day without 'proper' cigerettes, so Friday seemed the perfect opportunity to give this stopping thing a whirl.  Well, what can I say...  Have cleaned the house from top to bottom, if it can fit into a washing machine it has been washed, if it can't it has been febreezed, hooverable items have been hoovered.  I have mended a broken pair of shoes, sorted the understairs cupboard, put things into the garage & got my bike back out.  It is now 9.44pm on Monday & as yet I haven't even used the 'disposable' cigerette, & hope that I will get to bed without doing so.  But it is not easy, not at all!  I'm just stubborn, & if somethings going to happen, & I am ready for it to happen, then it has to happen right now, otherwise I get very restless & agitated untill it is done.  Not an east trait to live with sometimes  :)
Not sure what the next week or so will bring, but I can hear my garden screraming at be to be sorted...

Sunday, 20 January 2013

The Flying Scotsman

3 hours stitching done today, along with watching 'The Fighter' (fantastic film), & 'The Amazing Spider-Man' (a worthy watch).  Am now creating dinner, and onto watching some more films.

The Flying Scotsman

1hour & 30minutes work here, completed over the past couple of days.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Flying Scotsman

Hello again folks, I spent most of yesterday preparing my new kit, 'The Flying Scotsman' by Faye Whittaker, and today I put it in my stitching frame.  Am really looking forward to stitching this kit as I love all the colours in it, plus it's all whole stitches, with olny a little bit of backstitch for detail.  I will attempt to keep a count of time spent stitching it, but sometimes I do tend to sticth without taking a check of time stitched, so we'll see.  I will however keep posting my progress.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Constructive & Creative Working Together

Spent most of today being 'constructive'... The house has been cleaned from top to bootom, all surfaces polished, floors hoovered, even cleaned the kitchen & bathroom!  I hate cleaning kitchen's & bathroom's.  & managed 2 loads of washing, oh & started back at work.  Was feeling quite alright about it all & thinking that maybe I'll go through my stitching stash again tonight when the postman arrived & delivered my free subsription gift from a magazine I just subscribed to, am 1 happy Jos!  So this evening I am preparing the kit ready for me to start stitching, am looking forward to starting it.


Yesterday was spent getting ready for our impending return to work & school, also managed to squeeze in two emeregncy appointments with professionals, doctor & dentist for my eldest daughter.  Finally finished reading & sorting magazines though.
Unsure of what today may bring, got work to sort for work before I think of doing anything else.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Well here I am again.  Have just spent the past 8hrs sorting through my stitching magazines, all 150+ of them!  Didn't realise I had so many till I counted them up.  Now I did take a picture before I started, and a picture after I finished, bit of a difference.  Will now go and read some new ones I picked up the other day....

Saturday, 5 January 2013

So here we are again at the beginning of another year, and at the beginning of another spurge of energy!  Now I know I started 'Johanna's Creative Garden' to blog about creative adventures, but conclude that even being constructive, in some way, is also creative.  Please don't be alarmed if you don't see 'craft' posted around here, but enjoy what will be appearing in 'Johanna's Creative Garden'.

Well, after a wonderful time away recently I have decided that I really do need to organise myself, so spent the majority of yesterday transfering all my CD's to PC, with a view to then transfer all my documents- music, photos, personal documents- to an external harddrive... Blimey!  It took 10 1/2hrs just to do the CD's!  That done though, it only took about 2hrs this morning to transfer everything to the external (thank you Aunty Chrissie).  All that needs doing now is to possibly organise the files...  at some point  ;)

Now I have every plan to sit and go through all my Cross Stitching magazines this evening sorting what I want to keep & what I can offer to others for their enjoyment.